The new work age: career plans are not what they used to be

The new work age: career plans are not what they used to be

August 9, 2022

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Businesses are getting more demanding when it comes to their employees, however, these professionals also increase their standards when they sign a contract with a new employer. The concept of a career plan has been developing. What was previously a short and linear job sequence, was replaced by a borderless trajectory, guided by will, achievement, feelings, and human purpose.


A revolution in the job market

If you work a full-time regime (which means 8 hours per day), your typical work week will consist of 40 hours. If we multiply it by the 52 weeks that make up a year and subtract the usual 22 days of holidays, the average yearly number of work hours is 1960. The math is accurate: a lot of our useful time is spent working and work is a big influence on mental and personal well-being.

Even if we tell ourselves “It’s just a job”, at the end of the day we’ll still carry the weight of several moments and emotions that came over us during work.

The Great Resignation – was a term made-up in 2021, used to describe the record number of professionals that abandoned their jobs after the pandemic. After an atypical period of time that allowed for some reflection, a lot of workers decided to transform their lives. And work wasn’t left out of the equation. To Forbes, these “new revolutions of workers” forced companies to rethink their talent harvesting strategies.

The old-school method of managing teams and people is coming to an end. We reached a new model. The professionals demand new and better work conditions, that offer stability and balance between their personal and work life.

Career management is not what it used to be

Currently, there are new expectations and perceptions of professional careers.

The traditional career that emphasized companies has been modernized. Jobs are no longer linear or meant to last a lifetime. Today, the workers control their career plans and create their own development opportunities. They will abdicate of the stability a company gives them and if they feel it’s time to change, they will do it without hesitation.

Besides salaries, they select companies that offer them intangible values, benefits, flexibility and personal and professional development opportunities. Salaries, promotions, and level growth are no longer the main indicators of success.

The limit between personal and professional interest becomes thinner, and self-realization and personal well-being are as equally important in the work sphere.

This reality is a great challenge for any Human Resources worker. With that in mind, we created Prime Mobility. Our experienced and available Management and HR team are ready to help you get rid of the limits to your growth and career plan. Whenever you are ready to change, we are ready to propose to you a new challenge.