PrimeIT wins, for the third time in a row, the Happy Company Award

PrimeIT wins, for the third time in a row, the Happy Company Award

June 4, 2020

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PrimeIT has once again participated in the Happiness Works study, which aims to evaluate the evolution of happiness of professionals by sector, and won, for the third consecutive year, the Happiness Company Award.

In 2019, the IT consulting company had won 5th place, up three positions in comparison to the year of 2018, and is now back among the 15 happiest companies in Portugal. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to ascertain positions, as in previous editions; however, PrimeIT was awarded a level of Organisational Happiness higher than 4 (on a scale of 1. Very unhappy and 5. Very Happy), which encompasses several factors such as recognition and trust on the part of the organization, balance between work and personal life, involvement with management, internal environment and remuneration.

Again, this award asserts the motto advocated by PrimeIT: “We take happiness very seriously”. This is the basis for a work of excellence by its team, which even after almost three months in telework, proved that all its productivity and commitment remained steady. During this time, the IT consultant was forced to prepare changes to work mechanisms, reinventing the way it presents its service, but also guaranteeing its jobs sustainability and the well-being of employees.


In an interview, Inês Alves, Human Resources Director, states that “The challenges which have arisen have been circumvented in a very positive way and with regard to the good environment in the office, a trait which describes us so well and makes us proud, we made sure not to leave it behind. Through the project #WeStayAtHome, developed internally, we made a point of bringing to our Primers’ home a series of activities and challenges to cheer up their quarantines”. Aware that “it is in adversity that opportunities arise for us to adapt and reinvent ourselves, this situation was no exception”, also stressing that “we will put to use the best lessons learned and which made us happy even at a more complicated stage.”

This year, the Happiness Works study, the only one in Portugal with a large sample of employees from 11 sectors, received 5680 responses, the highest number among its nine editions. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and the uncertain environment caused by the situation of confinement, the results were surprising, with an overall increase in Organizational Happiness.