Millennials and their first job

Millennials and their first job

April 20, 2022

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Born between 1980 and 1996 the so-called Millennials are inherently connected to the tech world, life quality and entrepreneurship. Their experiences are very different from the ones lived by their parents.  The growth of technology, globalization and economic disruption are present realities for this generation.


How are they?

Among their biggest concerns and goals employment stands out. The fact that Millennials are so different from other generations when it comes to work, leaves the public quite confused.

One thing is sure – Millennials are a disruptive force in the workplace as no other generation ever was. Sometimes they’re perceived as narcissists, entitled, lazy or even the job-hopping generation. But is it truly their fault? Or is it the labour market that demands too high and does not understand the new necessities that emerged with the new generations?

Despite these negative ideas about Millennials, positive qualities weigh more on the scale. They show enthusiasm when working on what they love because they refuse to settle for any job, they’re receptive to change and national and international mobility, they’re more sociable and they place a fun and teamwork environment above all.

The first job

The first job is the one that impacts our experience in the job market. However, most Millennials are obliged to accept jobs below their education level that do not need any type of degree. After two years this generation feels forced to abandon their job for another that gives them better conditions, for example, salary raises, the confirmation of growth in the company and more responsibility for their daily tasks.

In this sense, Millennials end up hopping from job to job several times in their life and they end up known as the job-hopping generation. Searching for the best conditions, unsatisfied with mediocrity, they search hard for new jobs that give them exciting challenges, better wellness conditions and that allow for personal and professional development.

What truly matters?

The opportunity for growth within a company is one of the most important criteria when selecting a first job for this generation. They work hard and search for new ways to make their CVs more enticing with relevant information such as internships, extracurricular activities and projects that suit their hobbies.

Learning plays a great role in Millennial’s life, up to the time of their first job, because they invest a lot in their education therefore it’s imperative to keep them satisfied with new opportunities to learn more and better. Whether it is continuous training offered by the company, workshops, webinars or mentorship programs, what truly matters is investing in the knowledge of each worker and the way the company demonstrates their interest in them. For Millennials, it is very important to understand that someone has an interest in their professional development.

Despite their will to work and grow more and more, when the salary is no longer in the picture what weighs more is the balance between their personal and professional life. Companies should demonstrate their sensibility toward the personal lives of their workers more than ever if they wish to retain this generational power. To engage and retain a Millennial for more than two years it’s necessary to be a company or employer with well-set goals, reachable values, and a well-structured business plan.

With each generation come new challenges for the companies. These must fight to stay relevant and attractive to their audience because they are the ones leading them where they need to be. If you’re a Millennial looking for your next (and maybe last) challenge, take a look at our job openings here.